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Police staff information

Our police staff function is extremely diverse and vital to effective policing in the City. It is made up of many different roles to support front-line officers, including dealing with public enquiries, gathering evidence at the scene of a crime, providing IT, Human Resources, strategic support, administration, recruitment and financial support to name but a few.

Our commitment, equality & diversity

The City of London Police has a strong commitment to equality and diversity: ‘To promote Equality, Diversity and Human Rights in all areas of our service enabling a culture of inclusivity and respect that is at the hear of everything we do, for our communities, for our staff and for our officers.’
Please visit our Equality and diversity page for more information.

Our values


Integrity to us means acting in accordance with the values of the organisation. It is about being trustworthy, reliable and committed and there is an expectation that staff have the confidence and support of their colleagues to challenge behaviour that falls below expected standards.

Our behaviour, actions and decisions will always support the public interest and those we work in partnership with. We value public trust and confidence in policing and to earn this we will be open to scrutiny and transparent in our actions. We will respond to well founded criticism with a willingness to learn and change.

We will ensure that the public can have confidence in the integrity of the data used and published by us; we will make sure that all crime is recorded ethically and in accordance with all current guidance.


We are an organisation that believes in openness, honesty and fairness. We believe in mutual trust and respect, and in valuing diversity in our role both as an employer and as a public service provider.

We will support equality by creating an environment that maximises everyone's talents in order to meet the needs of the organisation and those of the community we serve.


Professionalism is a quality that we value highly. We will investigate crime professionally and thoroughly, doing everything in our power to protect those at the greatest risk of harm.

We expect our staff to be dedicated to professional development, both for themselves and the people they are responsible for, and empowered to use discretion and common sense to make appropriate operational decisions.

Our professionalism ensures that we meet the needs and demands of our customers to deliver high quality, fast, effective and efficient services.

The square mile

London City is the smallest borough in London, so does that make our job any less challenging? Absolutely not – because there’s so much going on.

Check out these stats: 3% of the GDP for the UK, $500bn+ foreign exchange turnover per day, 56% of global market equity, 400,000+ people working in the city, 24/7 culture, a busy and expansive transport system, a significant number of ceremonial and public order events, 550+ foreign banks and international crowded places.

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